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Laser tattoo removal works. Developments in laser technology have allowed them to be safe and effective for tattoo removal. In most cases, your tattoo will be completely removed. However, there are several factors that can hinder the tattoo removal process. They include the color, location and amount of tattoo ink that was used on your current tattoo.

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Laser tattoo is a safe and effective procedure. Another way to use laser tattoo services is to lighten an existing tattoo in order for it to be more effectively covered up with another one.

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Usually, getting a laser tattoo removed requires several treatments depending on the tattoo. Certified tattoo laser removal clinics can offer effective tattoo removal services.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Yes, laser tattoo removal does work. Itís very effective. Our nationwide clinics offer use some of the latest lasers that are available to remove tattoos. Though it can be painful, getting your tattoo removed via laser is the best way to eliminate your tattoo.

How effective is laser treatment?

Getting your tattoo removed with laser treatment can eliminate all ink from your body. However, your skin tone and complexion does play a role in how many treatments are needed to remove your tattoo. A treatment is when you go to the clinic, and get you tattoo removed with a laser. The process generally takes a couple minutes if itís a small tattoo. The larger the tattoo, the longer the length of the treatment and the more treatments it might take. However, if you have a tattoo thatís visible and that is no longer something you want, itís worth it. helped me find a GREAT tattoo removal clinic near my work. The clinic was great at explaining everything and I'm currently tattoo-less! Thank you.

JAMIE S. (WOODLAND HILLS, CA) - Results are not indicative of future results. Results can vary and are not guaranteed.

THANK YOU! I was able to compare prices for getting my tattoo removed, and find a couple of clinics near me. I saved money and found a great clinic. Thanks!

Curt G. (LOS ANGELES, CA) - Results are not indicative of future results. Results can vary and are not guaranteed.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies. There are some clinics that offer laser tattoo removal treatment for as low as $45. Larger tattoos can cost more and the amount of laser treatments can also affect cost. All our nationwide clinics offer pay per treatment pricing and some offer discounts if treatments are pre- paid.

Does getting a tattoo removed via laser treatment hurt?

Yes, but you want it removed right? It does hurt but most clinics offer creams that can help numb the pain and at time eliminate most of it. Most people say it does hurt but not as much as getting the original tattoo.

Do laser tattoo removal creams work?

No they donít. They often carry some bleaching agent that can harm your skin as is not approved by any medical association. In addition, getting tattoos removed via laser treatments have dramatically increased in

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most common reasons for tattoo removal:

  • I've broken up with my girlfriend!
  • I've broken up with my boyfriend!
  • Asian lettering is no longer cool!
  • My tattoo has faded doesn't look as good as it use to.
  • Don't want my kids to think it's ok.
  • I'm trying to clean up my gang history.
  • I'd like to get a new tattoo over the old one.
  • Getting a job is hard enough!